Evolution of Fiber-Based Super-Fast Broadband Networks: Requirements and Challenges

Jawad A. Salehi
Professor of Electrical Engineering Department
Optical Networks Research Lab
Sharif University of Technology
Tehran, Iran

The rapid rise in the demand of high bandwidth video eccentric telecommunication services by insatiable and bandwidth hungry users are among the most important causing phenomena today in data and traffic explosion worldwide. The current telecommunication infrastructures with all their technological advances made in the past two decades, still lag behind severely in delivering with low cost and efficiently the required aforementioned novel services to their customers.
In this talk we will describe the evolution and technological requirements of super-fast broadband future telecommunication networks able to satisfy and manage the desirable and rapidly growing video and data traffic. The talk will focus on emerging optical fiber based transmission systems and access networks. We will describe in a step-by-step reasoning the requirements, limitations and challenges facing the engineering and scientific communities in order to materialize such futuristic telecommunication networks. Finally, we will close our discussion on the urgency and the necessity of the coexistence and the convergence of such fixed fiber based networks with widely used 3G/4G mobile and wireless communication systems to create a cost effective world class seamless telecommunication networks and services.